Christmas Movie Advent Calendar: An Introduction

Far too often in my life I have behaved like a self-consciously ‘serious’ person. As a teen I sought to cultivate a certain image of myself, one that involved watching a lot of depressing Belgian films. Whilst I will still shout from the rooftops to make people watch Le Gamin au Vélo, my chosen viewing involves a lot more fun and frivolity than it used to.

That is why, after what could be called the extremely mild success of My Marvel Diary, I am embarking on another cinematic challenge full of candy-coloured joy. The Reel Time Christmas Movie Advent Calendar is exactly what it says on the tin: a classic festive countdown, except instead of chocolate behind the windows it’s my self-important opinions.

In true advent calendar style, I will not be announcing which films I am watching, instead revealing each one on the day. Rest assured, though, that there will be both old favourites and new offerings.

Please do get involved, perhaps watching along each evening (films will be revealed at 6pm) or telling me how wrong I am on Twitter and Facebook. All support and engagement would be much appreciated, but most importantly I hope this can bring a little cheer at the end of a miserable year. 


Andrew Young