About Reel Time

Image: Arrow Films

Welcome to Reel Time, a website dedicated to bringing you reviews, features and discussion from the world of film and television. For several years I have been fascinated, borderline obsessed, with this world. Beginning with a love of action movies like the Bourne franchise and morphing into a desire to watch more, learn more and read more, films and television are one of the cornerstones of my life. The other is writing about them. Reel Time exists because I wanted an outlet for myself and others to keep writing.

That ‘others’ is very important. If you are a wannabe journalist, a film obsessive or just have some thoughts on the latest Star Wars trailer then please get in contact with a pitch, or just to say you want to be involved, by emailing reeltimeandrewyoung@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone for your support; I hope you enjoy reading Reel Time as much as I enjoy making it.

Andrew Young

Editor & Founder